Company Overview

CM Security Consulting, Inc. and Peoplepool Valet Service, Inc. are best known for their broad range of experience in all areas of a Hamptons event, including security, valet, transportation and permit consulting. The logistics involved with executing a Hampton’s event are complex in nature and vary widely from one space to another.  With many different government agencies in the Hamptons, each having their own codes, rules, and permit process, our up-to-date knowledge of each municipality brands us as your Special Event Solution Team. Consulting on event permits and representing clients at board meetings to insure permit approval has become our specialty.

Charlie and Jackie McArdle serve as co-founders of CM Security Consulting, Inc., a New York State licensed private investigative company, which specializes in event security. From the first step of “load-in” to the last step of “load-out”, CM Security Consulting handles all facets of security needs.

The McArdles are also co-founders of Peoplepool Valet Service, Inc., a comprehensive parking management company that insures the smooth execution of event plans from start to finish. Peoplepool offers valet and directional parking, transportation, shuttles, buses, and special equipment rentals.

Formed in 1997, CM Security Consulting, Inc. and Peoplepool Valet Service, Inc. are family owned and operated companies, managing over 300 events a summer season.